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Raised with Yogic philosophy, Rohini has a lifelong passion for a Yogic lifestyle. 


After 25 years in senior Corporate roles, she is now blessed to help others discover this ancient wisdom combining experience as a Transformation leader & coach.  Through her career she led amazing teams by helping people utilise their strengths, & inspiring curiosity to grow & chase passions - link to blog of my journey 


She learnt from different yogic traditions, and teacher trained with the traditional Sivananda organisation, Breathwork facilitator & Tony Robbins life mastery university.


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Originally from Sweden, Karl always had a passion for nature and wellbeing. 


He has practiced yoga for 15 years, trained as a Breathwork facilitator & Tony Robbins life mastery university.  He started his career in the city, but preferred flexibility of being his own boss.


He runs various creative small businesses, but his passion is to build a supportive community of like-minded positive people on a growth journey together. 

He loves cold showers and ice baths and practises varying breathing techniques daily such as the Vim Hoff method

Karl and Rohini are blessed with 3 wonderful sons, who offer joyous and immersive powerful learnings at all levels.


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A modern day Yogi adventurer & Breathwork coach with a deep love of nature & curiosity to the potential of human experience. 


Through his own deep journey of healing & recovery from addiction, he is a passionate, playful and caring teacher with a very deep knowledge of the practices which he delights in sharing. 


Expect a dynamic style of Yoga designed to explore mind, body and breath...weaving modern Psychology & anatomy into the time tested methods of Yoga.


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Passionate about incredibly good quality & nourishing food, runs a popular local vegan cafe called The Mortar & Pestle. 


Everything he prepares is cooked with love from scratch and best sourced ingredients, with an emphasis on great nutritional balance.  Thankfully he also prepares healthy treats :)


Nathalie is a warm nurturing soul and her holistic massages will aid your detox process, leaving you refreshed emotionally and physically. 

Nathalie understands the benefits of these treatments, as through a period of illness she experienced how these treatments helped recovery and feeling of Wellbeing.

  She is qualified in several techniques and continues to learn to develop a range of practices to suit individual needs