Welcome to Y42 - your soul-fueled but practical journey to your highest self

This isn’t your average transformative yoga retreat! What we offer is so much more. Y42 is a radical immersive intervention for those who are serious about making a genuine, meaningful change to their life. Sounds like a big promise, huh? Sure. But we have the team, know-how and experience to back it up!


During your time at Y42, you'll be guided by retreat owners, Rohini and Karl Emanuelsson, who are a beacon of light and abundance in their own right. Both London ex-corporates, Rohini has a widely impressive background in finance, technology and leadership, and Karl is a serial entrepreneur and property developer. Between successful career pursuits and juggling family life (they brought three beautiful sons into the world within three incredibly busy years!) both found themselves burnt out, stressed and trapped in a life of on-the-go hustle. Can anyone relate? 


Like many, Rohini and Karl began to question... is this all that life has to offer? From there, the couple became fiercely passionate about mental and physical wellbeing, and never looked back! Read more about the Y42 team HERE.

What's in a Name?

Because we’re obsessed with the deeper ‘why’! Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy fans will know that the story’s hero embarks on an epic adventure to find the answer to the "ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything", which after aeons of calculations, was given simply as "42". Drawing inspiration from this crazy, creative, intergalactic existential story (yep, did we mention we’re SCI-FI nerds?), we know that even the simplest of answers can be those hardest to find. And so, Y42 the name behind the ‘Ultimate’ retreat for mind, body and spirit was born! We have a few copies to read at the retreat, for those who fancy!

The Experience:


If you’re a corporate professional, leader in your industry, celebrity/ influencer or growth-minded individual who can relate to Rohini and Karl’s story of being burnt out, stressed, exhausted and fed up with the status quo, you may find yourself:


  • Searching for purpose and deeper meaning despite being at the peak of your career and success

  • Possibly experiencing symptoms of burn out including emotional exhaustion, poor health and a lack of motivation

  • Looking to tap into your next stage of growth with an inspiring, supportive and like-minded community of individuals

  • Wanting to improve your relationship with yourself and the people around you

  • Seeking proven strategies and techniques to elevate your wellbeing and uplevel your mind and body that you can realistically implement and use for life 

  • Wanting to revive your physical vitality by boosting your immune system, losing weight and incorporating healthy habits to improve the way your body feels and functions.


What to Expect:

Navigating life-changing transformation and doing the “inner work” to get you there is no easy feat! That’s where our team comes in. During your time at Y42 you’ll receive a bespoke, holistic approach to reprogram your mind and body with the most effective tools available today including:


  • 1-2-1 Coaching that incorporates neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), creative visualisation, mindset hacks and practical psychology to guide life direction, purpose and increase abundance

  • Hypnosis including a fire ceremony to reprogram your subconscious and rewrite your limiting beliefs

  • Breathwork sessions to release emotional traumas and limiting patterns that hold you back

  • Yoga and meditation to help manage stress, strengthen mental focus and increase physical vitality

  • Breathing techniques that incorporate the Wim Hof method to help you stay ‘present’, deal with intense and stressful situations such as an ice bath and gain more mental clarity and focus

28th January - 1st February

18th - 22nd March

28th June - 2nd July 

20th -24th September 

11th - 15th November

2021 Dates