Fledule - Flexible schedule highlights

Our guests laugh because we call our schedule a ‘fledule’ i.e. a flexible schedule! Whilst our retreat is packed to the brim with activities designed to enhance your personal development, we encourage everyone to work through the week at their own pace, as they see fit. You don’t have to take part in every single activity, but we highly recommend you try everything at least once!


From yoga, meditation and breathwork classes to music therapy, gong sound baths, fire ceremonies, your intimate coaching sessions and so much more, you're pretty spoiled for choice when it comes to your wellbeing experience at Y42.


Here’s a flavour of what your time with us might look like:

Day 1 

  • 12-4 pm | Arrival & use of facilities such as sunbathing, sauna and beach walks

  • Yoga

  • Welcome circle


Day 2

  • Gratitude sea walk

  • Priming for Peak state

  • 2 Yoga sessions

  • Breathwork

  • Playing with Fire!


​Day 3

  • Sunrise swim

  • Sufi dynamic meditation

  • Yoga

  • Breathwork 

  • Yogadipity | Mind Matrix & Relationships

  • Gong Bath


Day 4

  • Silent sea walk & affirmations

  • Yoga

  • Yogadipity | What is driving how you think, act & feel 

  • Wim Hof Ice bath

  • Mastermind

  • Ecstatic Dance


Day 5

Free time to fully relax and integrate experience, enjoy invigorating walks by the sea and explore the many local attractions