LONG TERM TRANSFORMATION vs. Yo-Yo path towards the Extraordinary Life you were born for


We know from personal “yo-yo” path that you go on a Retreat – you’re motivated for a few weeks/months –then before you know old habits/beliefs creep up….and you’re back to square 1.  Possibly worse, as now you are guilt-ridden and angry with yourself!

We won’t lie. This journey of growth, to live the most EXTRAORDINARY LIFE OF ABUNDANCE at every level, is not easy… There isn’t a magic pill! We are wired to take the lazy option and resistant to change.  It takes daily courage and determination to get on that upward trajectory until one day it becomes a habit and is who you are.  And even then challenges will come up – by design – so that you are blessed with the opportunity to develop parts of yourself you never knew existed.  That’s how this “Earth game” is designed for Growth.



Private Coaching Session

Feel Inspired to take action towards your magnificent life

Practical tips you can implement right away for positive outcomes

1 hour minimum, as long as needed



Yoga, Hypnosis, Meditation, Breathwork

Learn powerful techniques to distress your mind and improve health & wellbeing

1.5 hour minimum, as long as needed



Private Coaching Session 
Yoga, Hypnosis, Meditation, Breathwork

3 hour minimum, as long as needed


(Prices exclude travel) 

It’s a flexible package which we tailor to your needs.  We can also incorporate a practice such as Yoga/Hypnosis/Meditation/Breathwork as part of it which is even more powerful.


Recommend booking 5 sessions as a block as 5th session will be free!  This ongoing accountability and focus is what will build momentum and progress towards your new magnificent life. 


They say you are 80% more likely to stick to something if held accountable by an inspiring Peer group.  This is the positive part of “peer pressure” which is why we do what we do as want to meet our Tribe, and also encourage you to connect and support each other.  Also why we offer an exclusive 121 Coaching package to keep momentum towards that ultimate vision of the life you deserve in every area and were born for.  Expressing your unique natural talents fearlessly, and inspired to progress towards GOALS THAT INSPIRE YOUR CREATIVITY AND IGNITE YOUR PASSION.   But it’s never about the Goal, it’s about whom you become on that journey – which is why great to have a Coach on that journey to increase your chances by 80% and to share your inspiring journey with.





Rohini has made it her life’s work to explore and understand the human mind and how to unlock human potential.  This was a passion cultivated through her 25 years in senior corporate leadership roles, working for the likes of Microsoft, John Lewis, DHL, BP, the NHS and leading FTSE 100 type organisations as a senior management consultant defining and delivering transformation. 

Karl’s past corporate life saw him working for a top investment bank, before embarking on his entrepreneurial journey.  In keeping with his Swedish roots, Karl has always been drawn to the beauty and healing benefits of light and nature and has used this as a driving force for his many entrepreneurial pursuits and creative businesses. Notably, Karl is a pioneer in multi-sensory sunlight therapy and has transformed lots of spaces into sun-kissed havens of deep relaxation. 

Are you ready to take control of your health and happiness?  Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired?  And do you want to be coached by mentors who know exactly what it’s like to come to breaking point, and turn their life around?


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