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Join an exclusive small group with personalised support in luxurious setting including healthy sunbathing (yes really, save on your carbon foot-print, indoor safe sunbathing in the UK!), to transform your body and mind to gain a renewed sense of vitality.  


Y42 merges age old wisdom with the latest “wellbeing hacks”, to leave you feeling energised, inspired with greater clarity to build healthy daily habits to achieve your life goals ...with a friendly & fun inspiring community.

New Y42 Retreat Dates: 

14-th-18th September 2020

28th September- 2nd October 2020

2nd-6th November 2020

Contact us for prices and to book your place today. Retreats are limited numbers to follow current Covid social distancing and regulations. 

Join the Y42 Tribe

Professionals, leaders, couples and growth minded people seeking a transformational journey with like-minded in an inspiring exclusive environment.  Suitable to experience by yourself, with a close friend/family member or as a couple.

  • Perhaps you have reached a critical moment where want to take stock, or gain vitality and clarity towards a new direction in life.  

  • Possibly experiencing symptoms of burn-out, poor health, depression, or lack of purpose and jest for life ...hence poor quality relationships. 

  • Seeking a more wholesome and supportive like minded network and community to support and inspire your next stage of growth.   

  • Interested in gaining a deeper understanding of well being techniques & “hacks” to radically improve quality of life for you and those around you.

  • Can be a complete beginner to Yoga and other techniques, or a pro.  Suitable for everybody and all levels!

The Y42 experience

Looking to create a radical change in your life?  Do you lack energy, passion or focus to feel a deep sense of happiness and fulfillment in your life?  Are your relationships suffering as a result of not feeling your best? This 4 day intensive immersive program will help you reclaim your body’s natural vitality, re-establish balance and fulfillment in life, and empower your mind through age old wisdom and cutting-edge insights from the most advanced knowledge in health and well-being. 


This isn’t just another well-being retreat - this is a radical intervention to reclaim and revitalize your life!  A key aspect is the community we build through Y42 retreats, this is a like minded group of growth mindset successful people, delighting in supporting each other and building meaningful connections during the Y42 deep retreat process, as well as beyond.  We challenge each other to seek more from life as we grow personally and professionally, releasing traumas & conquering fears to live the life we were born to lead.  

We start the detox program with nutrient rich organic vegetable and fruit juices, nourishing warm broths, high quality supplements & Udo's essential oils, followed by vegetarian/vegan delicious food to rebuild your system.  Supported by Yoga and other deep therapies such as Breath work, Ice-bath, meditation & in just days you will cleanse your body of toxins and restore vital nutrients to reclaim your energy and enhance your mental processing, whilst deepening your health knowledge to build daily long term healthy habits.


  • 7 yoga sessions varying styles & 2 Breathwork sessions | an incredibly profound & deep technique to release trauma, connect with inner wisdom and live fearlessly

  • Gong sound bath meditation

  • Personal transformation | What are your goals, what is holding you back & how will you get there

  • Unlimited safe sun bathing (Real Sunlight) & himalayan salt & gemstone sauna 

  • Guided creative visualisation and meditation techniques

  • Massage included

  • Nutrient packed organic juices, high quality supplements/Udo's oil and delicious vegetarian/vegan meals 

  • Collaborative learning on wellbeing related topics to gain a deeper understanding

  • Time for sea walks with a beautiful sandy beach on the doorstep

  • 3 or 4  nights accommodation in the magnificent 5* rated Beach Sun Retreat | The intensive program will finish Sunday evening, but welcome to stay another night to relax and integrate what you have experienced (recommended!)


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