Welcome to Y42 - your soul-fueled but practical journey to your highest self


This isn’t your average transformative yoga retreat! What we offer is so much more. Y42 is a radical immersive intervention for those who are serious about making a genuine, meaningful change to their life. Sounds like a big promise, huh? Sure. But we have the team, know-how and experience to back it up!


During your time at Y42, you'll be guided by retreat owners, Rohini and Karl Emanuelsson, who are a beacon of light and abundance in their own right. Both London ex-corporates, Rohini has a widely impressive background in finance, technology and leadership, and Karl is a serial entrepreneur and property developer. Between successful career pursuits and juggling family life (they brought three beautiful sons into the world within three incredibly busy years!) both found themselves burnt out, stressed and trapped in a life of on-the-go hustle. Can anyone relate?